Meet the Crew

  • Tansy Baigent

    Managing Director, Tansy, has over 10 years experience as a jewellery consultant, practising environmental law and writing novels. She brings her expertise in antique jewellery to ensure that each piece meets our very high standards and managing the daily running of the business. Tansy is a true environmentalist and an avid campaigner of Lupe’s cause to reduce waste and to help the planet.

  • Dolly James

    Creative Director, Dolly, has been in the antique jewellery game for over 3 years alongside her engineering career. With an obsession for detail she is responsible for maintaining the technical side of the business and styling. Dolly wants to change the way we all think about fashion; she is a bona fide believer that true luxury is something we can love inside and out.

  • How We Donate

    Lupe are proud to donate 5% of all profits to our partner charity, War Child. War Child are an international charity that believes in a world in which children's lives are no longer torn apart by war. Children suffer the most at the hands of conflict. Not only are their families, homes and basic services devastated but children are increasingly becoming the deliberate targets of war.

  • Alice Skinner

    Alice studied photography in her hometown of New Zealand and has been travelling the world working on super yachts and ski towns ever since. Her professional experience ranges from high fashion to visual art projects. Alice has generously offered her expertise to establish the photography standards at Lupe.


    Gemma is our stunning model for the September/October collection. Gemma has spent the last few years travelling South America and hiking in the French Alps before continuing her law studies. We would like to thank Gemma for her patience and good humour whilst shooting the collection.


    If you like our ethos and would like to get involved please get in touch. We are also always on the look out for sustainable fashion labels to collaborate with.

  • Katarina Rayburn

    Katarina was our beautiful winter 2017 model. She is an exceptionally talented and dedicated full-time yoga teacher in studios across London. She also hosts her own yoga workshops, events and retreats around the world.

  • Lupe Branding

    We are a truly sustainable brand, from sourcing only preloved jewellery pieces, to using only sustainable/recycled packaging and stationery

  • Adam Johnston

    Adam Johnston was our talented product photographer. He has considerable experience and expertise in all forms of photography, but specialises in alpine location and sports photography.